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Welcome to Alexander Feldmann's homepage

Thank you for visiting my homepage! I am an electronics, systems and biomedical engineer, graduated by Instituto Militar de Engenharia (located in Rio de Janeiro, besides Sugar Loaf - a center of excellence among brazilian universities) in 1979 with a MSc degree on Systems Engineering and Computer Science by COPPE-UFRJ in 2005 (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, a brazilian center of excellence among post-graduation programs). I posess courses in Brazil (UNIFEI, UERJ, CEPUERJ, ORACLE Brasil, Hewlett-Packard Brasil, AIT-SP, UFF, UNIVERSO, among others) and in the USA (SpaceLabs Medical, Computerized Processes Unlimited, Hewlett-Packard). I possess specialization in industrial automation, vital signals monitoring, energy systems and artificial intelligence. I also have programming skills in Fortran, Clipper, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Pascal and Delphi. I participated in many symposia, conferences, colloquys and seminars, both national and international, in the fields of telecommunications, electric energy, eolic energy and medical systems. I published technical papers in the areas of distribution of electric energy and automation of power systems, as well as I participated in published medical researches in the field of arterial hypertension.

I live and work in the city of Rio de Janeiro, with my wife and our two sons. I am fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Hebrew, having basick knowledge of French and German. From 1981 on, I am working at Light Servicos de Eletricidade S. A., in the areas of telecommunications, information systems and distribution.

Presently, I am teaching Computer Science disciplines at night courses of Universidade Gama Filho in Rio de Janeiro city. Besides, I am the Academic Coordinator for the Superior Technology Course on Computer Nets at Faculdade Gama e Souza (Rio de Janeiro).

Beyond the professional activities above I act as webmaster for selected clients, and also develop homepages professionally. Please visit me more times! (the photo you see also shows my wife).

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